Blackdog HiFi

Custom Linestage Preamps, Headphone Amps, and Phono Stages

LS2a v3 and LS2d v3

Two preamps one design.
  The original version of the LS2 incorporated 12AU7 tubes, however there was a request to build one using 6DJ8 tubes.
Thus the "d" version was born.
  Both preamps utilize almost identical circuitry optimized for each type of tube, and have the same options available.
They also share a lineage with the LS1 preamp, but a slightly simpler circuit and power supply. So while the sound quality is still 
top of its class, the price tag is lower.
 Both of these preamps can also accomodate a built in moving magnet phono stage as an option.

6DJ8 (ECC88) - has a bright lively sound, full of detail. Capable of a large soundstage for an exciting listening experience.
12AU7A/12AT7A - A little more laid back, but highly accurate. This version produces thunderous bass, and silky smooth highs.

Both versions are available with a smaller version of the VTP phono preamp. Featuring 12AX7A tubes, and accurate passive EQ for a clean smooth presentation of your vinyl. Moving Magnet only.

- All tube signal path with only 1 capacitor per channel
- 4 line level inputs 
- 2 sets of outputs.
- optional remote control volume with mute
- non-inverting
- High quality circuit board construction 
- low output impedance for driving long cable runs
- Wide flat frequency response
- Premium parts used throughout
- Alps volume control
- Customizable to meet your needs
- Available in brushed aluminium or powder coated black faceplate
- Non-magnetic, heavy gauge aluminium chassis
- Designed and built in Canada