Blackdog HiFi

Custom Linestage Preamps, Headphone Amps, and Phono Stages

LS1 mkIII Linestage Preamp

  All vacuum tube design utilizing 6SN7 tubes for a clean robust sound. Highly musical with a broad soundstage, this preamp will be the cornerstone of a top sound system.

  We don't just take a kit and put it in a box, like another well known builder. 
This is an original design with years of testing and development.
  Our properly designed and built circuit boards prevent the unsafe rats nest of wires, and ensure reliable operation for years.

 - All tube gainstage (6SN7)
 - Only one capacitor per channel at the output
 - Non-inverting
 - Fully regulated power supplies throughout
 - 4 inputs, 2 pair outputs suitable for biamping or use with a subwoofer
 - Remote control volume with mute
 - Low distortion, low noise for crisp clear music reproduction
 - Low output impedance to drive long cable runs
 - Broad flat frequency response (10Hz - 35Khz)
 - Compatible with virtually any power amplifier
 - Available in brushed aluminium or powder coated black faceplate
 - Non-magnetic heavy gauge aluminium chassis
 - Designed and built in Canada